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  • $25.00

    Copper Band

    Hand Forged copper band.  Heavy hammered texture. natural finish  7″

  • $0.00

    Linear Craftsman

     Design: Artisan Modern
    Material: Welded steel
    Finish: Hand Applied Bronze Patina
    ***contact us for custom design and free estimate***
  • $0.00

    Linear Horizontal

    Design:  Modern
    Material:  Welded Steel
    Finish:  Blackened Steel Patina With hand Applied Wax Sealer
  • $0.00

    Twig Design

    Design:  Twig Form
    Material:  Weld Steel
    Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze Patina
    *contact for pricing*
  • $0.00

    Cable Rail #1

    Design:  Modern Cable

    Material: Steel Frame/Stainless Cable

    Finish:  White Powder Coat

  • $0.00

    Cable rail #2

    Design:  Cable

    Material:  Welded Steel/Stainless Cable

    Finish:  Custom Powder Coat

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